Build Better Prospect Lists & Clean Up your CRM Data

We recently hosted a virtual event led by Joe Morris, Chief Innovation Officer, and Fred McKee, Director of Market Insights at Government Technology. The team unpacked the “Public Sector Index” feature and the accessibility to thousands of verified public-sector contacts to show its implications on sales and marketing strategies.

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What it is: Enter the “Public Sector Index” feature in Industry Navigator. Joe and Fred demonstrate how this tool can map hundreds of thousands of agencies nationwide by:

  • Function (government or education)
  • Total and IT budget
  • Population
  • Enrollment figures
  • Unique IDs

The pair also point out the accessibility of thousands of public-sector decision-maker contacts in Navigator that are verified twice a year.

Why it matters: Both features are designed to help you segment agencies in your target market and understand their purchasing history. The best part? The data is exportable into your own CRM, so you can clean up any duplication in your platform and “slice and dice” the data to create stronger prospect lists and target your solutions according to their needs and budget. The data within this tool is constantly evolving – ensuring you’re working with the right, relevant data.

Here’s how this applies to you…

  • Use Cases for Sales: The data available in the Public Sector Index tool allows you to better understand the government and education landscape and find deals. You can also develop your CRM dataset for more informed decision-making.
  • Use Cases for Marketing: With our verified contacts and mapped government and education agencies, you can develop account-based marketing campaigns that targets the right decision-makers with relevant content and the right message. You can also better focus on high-potential accounts that meet your objectives.

The next step: For more details on Fred and Joe’s discussion, and to see this feature live, check out the on-demand recording from this webinar.

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