Beyond the RFP

The most advanced sales & marketing platform covering the full procurement life cycle — from intent to the final public award.

Unparalleled IT market data

Fueled by millions of signals, our data is analyzed, curated and summarized with a knowledge base of decades, not months.

Saving your team time

We do the homework, so you can focus on what you do best. On every call. In every meeting. Every day.

We packed a big platform into a small video so you can understand a bit about what Navigator is capable of in 53 seconds.

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“I use this tool every day and have gotten some incredible opportunities. I love how user-friendly it is and the ability to filter to what I'm specifically looking for.”

– Kayla, Development Representative, California State/Local Government & Education, Palo Alto Networks

Navigator anticipates and alerts you when there are developing opportunities (before the formal RFP hits the street).

  • Buyer intent data tied to key personas in the market
  • Developing Opportunities: Notice of emerging deals before they happen (advance notice of where to look so you can get ahead of the procurement process)
  • Pre-RFP: Request for information before the formal RFP hits the street

Navigator provides intelligence beyond just the basic procurement information.

  • Verified Contacts
  • Jurisdictional Profiles
  • Statewide IT Contracts
  • Market Briefings
  • Vertical Reports

Navigator can be used daily, not just during buying season.

  • Navigator Market Alerts
  • Navigator Premium Newsletter
“Our team relies on Navigator as a daily tool that greatly enhances our focus on meeting our market's demands. By providing us with real-time insights into agencies' evolving priorities, Navigator enables us to stay in sync with their changing needs, as priorities are constantly reviewed and adjusted.”

– Vishal Hanjan, Industry Lead, U.S. State and Local Gov, Appian
Let us do the homework for you.
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