Spotting State and Local IT Deals Early

Joe Morris, Chief Innovation Officer, and Mike Driessen, VP for Subscription Services at Government Technology demonstrated how the Intent Insights feature in GovTech Navigator can help you see what your target audience is reading and get ahead of the RFP.

Navigator Spotting State and Local IT Deals Early.jpg
Did you know that public sector agencies typically start researching IT topics 12-18 months before the release of a procurement?

Intent Insights, available only in GovTech Navigator, is an intent data tool that gives you the earliest signal of what your target audience is reading. This gives you the opportunity to get ahead of the RFP and influence bids to your advantage.

This data is ethically sourced from some of the largest editorials in gov tech:
  • Governing (3.7M + annual unique visitors)
  • Government Technology (4.5M + annual unique visitors)
  • Industry Insider (available in California, Texas and Florida)

Here's a sneak peek of what we covered in our discussion:

  • Better Engagement with Target Audience: Intent Insights helps you to start the initial conversation with whichever specific government roles you’re targeting.
  • Account Prioritization: This tool allows you to better prioritize your accounts based on your audience's level of engagement and their interests.
  • Content Strategy Optimization: The tool can be used across different stages of the buyers’ journey to pinpoint what content or messaging would work best with their current needs.

Catch the full rundown of our webinar here.