New Industry Navigator Premium Features

Check out our newest features in this under 5-minute video.

We recently released two new Navigator Premium features that are game-changing for your SLED sales and marketing strategies.

  1. Intent Insights gives you data on what your prospective buyers are reading to better understand how to influence them. See who is reading about your solution so you can craft the right message and get stronger leads. This new feature is the earliest indicator of interest fro your prospetcs. The data is pulled from the most influential publications in the SLED market – Government Technology and Governing.
  2. The Public Sector Index is a map of over 200K government and education entities. This new feature allows you to map your government and education audiences by level, function, population, employees and estimated IT budgets. Just export the data and you’re ready to go!
Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 3.56.23 PM.png
Watch the video.