Navigating the Public-Sector in 2024: Trends, A New Tool and an Exciting Launch

Joe shares his predictions for 2024 and gives overviews of a new product feature and an exciting launch.

From the November Market Insights Newsletter by Joe Morris, Deputy Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Market Intelligence at e.Republic.

Joe here. 👋 As we begin to turn the calendar to 2024, I’m increasingly asked what to expect in the year ahead. This month, I’m giving you a quick take on my predictions for 2024, a brief overview of a new product feature you need to know about and a very exciting launch. Ready? Let’s dig in.

Brief Market Update

As we close out this year, we’re seeing an uptick in IT-related procurement activity in state and local governments and education (SLED). We fully anticipate that by the year's end, our opportunity volume will meet or surpass levels seen before the pandemic.

As we approach 2024, the market is demonstrating remarkable resilience. A heightened commitment to IT modernization, alongside federal funding and an increased focus on IT, is creating a surge in procurement activities that will continue into next year. The necessary ingredients are present for public-sector organizations to be reimagined and reshaped faster than ever in this new era of automation and artificial intelligence.

Much like cloud computing or mobility, we’re entering a transformative era in the public sector that will be supercharged by technology and require new tools, approaches and a different mindset to fully embrace this very exciting future.

I’ll be sharing our 2024 market forecast at Beyond the Beltway, just outside of Washington, D.C., on Feb. 22. I hope you will be there in person.

Grants Office + GovTech Navigator

At GovTech Navigator, we partnered with the leading grants intelligence provider to bring grant data directly to your Navigator dashboard. Even better? The Grants Office has graded each grant listed from A to C based on the specific grant’s likelihood of getting used for a technology project.

I sat down with the CEO and founder of Grants Office, Michael Paddock, to discuss all things grants and show you how to search, save and act on grants that pertain to your solution within Navigator. Watch the on-demand version of our conversation.

Learn more about this new feature.

Center for Public-Sector AI

We are very excited about the launch of a brand-new center at e.Republic: the Center for Public-Sector AI. This new center will help guide and assist public-sector agencies in embracing AI. 🚀 🤖

Learn more here.

Catch you next month for the last 2023 Market Insights Newsletter. As always, reach out with any questions by responding to this email. Connect with me on LinkedIn here.