Your Cheat Sheet for the Ed Tech Market

Tired of searching for bids, funding data and relevant information in the education sector? Industry Navigator does the homework for you – learn how in our new “cheat sheet.”

Searching for the right data and opportunities in the education sector can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. It can be difficult to identify the funding data and procurement opportunities you need in a sea of search results. That’s where Industry Navigator comes in – it does the homework for you.

Whether during peak buying season or when you’re strategizing during the research stage, Navigator has you covered year-round.

  • By the numbers: Over the past 12 months, Navigator tracked over 17,000 IT-specific procurement opportunities worth over $59 billion in contract value.

We’ve put together a “cheat sheet” that lays out the actionable data and opportunities that Navigator brings to the table. It’s not enough to just have the data, so we also explain how you can use Navigator’s data effectively in your sales and marketing processes.

To uncover these insights and get ahead in the education sector, download our “cheat sheet.”