Market Insights Newsletter (August 2023)

Joe Morris dives into a theme he's been hearing a lot about on the road: cloud computing. He digs into some interesting local government survey data and the trending editorial around the topic.

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☁️ 1 Big Thing: Cloud Is Trending 

This month was filled with client briefings, both in person and virtual. Beyond the usual hot topics of AI, workforce and cybersecurity, there’s one topic that has captured the attention of industry lately: cloud computing.

Why cloud?

As the digital transformation wave sweeps across state and local governments, the adoption, pace and breadth of cloud technologies is once again a trending topic.

Nearly a decade of talking about cloud has brought us to this: It’s time to unpack cloud’s potential and the crucial role it’s playing in shaping the future of government technology.

The public sector’s take:

The public sector has largely embraced cloud. From infrastructure to SaaS, cloud is increasingly baked into procurements. Perhaps, with many organizations focused on transformational IT projects, it is not surprising for cloud to bubble up once again. 🤔

What does the data say?

  • Our latest surveys out of local government indicate that over 75 percent of responding cities and counties have 10 percent or more of their environment in the cloud today.

There is a lot of room for growth …

  • Nearly 40 percent of the same respondents indicate that 50 percent of their environment could move to the cloud.
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Data from the Digital Cities and Counties Surveys (2023). Presented by the Center for Digital Government.

Most-read stories related to cloud across all government titles from H1 2023 (brought to you by Industry Navigator’s intent data)

  1. Where Are States on the Path to Upgrading ERP Systems?
    March 2023
  2. Is There Hope for Modernizing State DMVs?
    March 2023
  3. Vermont CIO Acknowledges Audit Findings, Agency Progress
    May 2023

🔥 TL;DR: When it comes to cloud, things are just heating up.

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