5 Ways You Should Use Intent Data

We care about the privacy of our audience and value our strong relationships with the public-sector leaders serving state and local government. We do intent right.

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Here are 5 ways you can use intent data from Intent Insights (part of Industry Navigator Premium) in your sales & marketing efforts: 

  1. Identify intent by key personas (rather than trying to source it from specific agencies).

    - Governments do business with companies they know and trust. Go into a meeting armed with insights that align with the type of jurisdiction you are meeting with, not the exact agency you are meeting with.

  2. Find what topics are hot by type and level of government. 

    - Get a pulse of what's trending in education, at the city level, county, etc. within a specific state or size of jurisdiction.

  3. Go beyond the topic-level intelligence. Read the articles that your buyer personas are reading. 

    - Go into meetings armed with the same content and context that your buyer personas are consuming. 
    - So, cybersecurity is trending? That's just the tip of the iceberg. What are the top 10 articles trending in relation to cybersecurity? Dig into the data and get context. 

  4. Align your content to the topics that the personas in your buyer's journey are reading. 

    - Identify what stories and topics are trending and align your content to those themes. 
    - If something is not on your buyer's radar, don't lead with it! 

  5. Decide how you want to search. There are two different ways to peruse intent insights in Industry Navigator:

    - Start with a persona or target area and understand data around that buyer or region. 
    - Search by topic. If you sell cybersecurity, search by the topic to see which personas are resonating with your solution so you can target them in your next campaign. 

As you know, there is more to the story than just intent data. Be sure to bring all information that shows you have done your due diligence (org charts, agency rules and regulations, etc.) to your next agency meeting.

This research, including intent data, can be found in Industry Navigator. Book a demo to see Navigator in action.